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Michael Gungor: « Beautiful Things » (Live)

Michael Gungor (born September 11, 1980)is a singer/song writer living in Denver, Colorado United States. He leads a musical collective called Gungor that tours around the world performing and leading worship music in both mainstream and religious venues. Aside from his work with the band, he has written and produced music for other artists as well as help start a church in Denver called « Bloom ».


Michael Gungor grew up in Wisconsin as the son of Pastor Ed Gungor. He began leading the music in his children’s church. Gungor studied jazz at both Western Michigan University and the University of North Texas, while working as a worship leader in local churches.

The Michael Gungor Band

In 2002, he recorded an album for his local church, and the project was picked up by Integrity Music. They released the album « Bigger Than My Imagination » in 2003. As he began to travel, the « Michael Gungor Band » began to evolve and he produced « All I Need is Here » with Michael Rossback in 2005. In 2007, he was signed to Brash Music, and the Michael Gungor Band came out with their first album, « Ancient Skies », which was simply « All I Need is Here » with the addition of a few newer songs to the album as well. Michael also contributed in the composition of songs for other artists such as « Friend of God » and the Dove Award-winning « Say So » alongside Israel Houghton.


Michael Gungor and his wife, Lisa, moved to Denver and eventually founded a community of believers called Bloom. [1]


After moving, the group’s name changed from « The Michael Gungor Band » to simply « Gungor ». The first album to be released after the name change was « Beautiful Things » in 2010. In 2011, the song and the album « Beautiful Things » were nominated for the Grammy categories Best Gospel Song and Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album, respectively.

Beautiful Things

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