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Album: « This is Jesus Culture » (compilation/2015):

jc 1

Album: « This is Jesus Culture » (compilation/ dispo):

This is Jesus Culture is a compilation of some of the most influential and impactful songs within the movement, including « Your Love Never Fails », « How He Loves », « Rooftops », « Unstoppable Love » and many more. Also featured are two exclusive tracks recorded live at the Jesus Culture Conference in Sacramento, CA.

album aussi disponible en Espagnol:


1 – I Want To Know You (Featuring Chris Quilala)
2 – Sing Out (Featuring Chris Quilala)
3 – Unstoppable Love (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
4 – Rooftops (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
5 – Your Love Never Fails (Featuring Chris Quilala)
6 – Alleluia (Featuring Chris Quilala)
7 – Agnus Dei (Featuring Chris Quilala)
8 – How He Loves (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
9 – One Thing Remains (Featuring Chris Quilala)
10 – Your Name Is Glorious (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
11 – Show Me Your Glory (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
12 – Holy Spirit (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)


jc 2

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Album: Jesus Culture: « Unstoppable Love » (cd/dvd/blu ray):


Album:  Jesus Culture: « Unstoppable Love » (3 Juin 2014):

Jesus Culture Music announces the highly anticipated release of Jesus Culture Unstoppable Love internationally at digital and physical retailers everywhere June 3 through Fuel Distribution. This new album from Jesus Culture band was recorded live during Jesus Culture’s annual Encounter Conference held Jan. 2014 in Sacramento at California’s historic Memorial Auditorium. Featuring a dynamic collaboration of voices who have helped shape, and continue to inspire, generations of worshippers, the 11-track album consists of mostly new original songs, as well as a companion Blu-ray Disc™ (in the US) and DVD (outside of the US) that includes two additional tracks and a compelling message from Jesus Culture Director Banning Liebscher, « Answering the Call to Prayer. » The full 13-song Blu-ray will also be available as an iTunes® Movie.

Known as one of the most influential youth and young adult movements around the world, Jesus Culture’s Unstoppable Lovefeatures Jesus Culture band members: Chris Quilala (lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Kim Walker-Smith (lead and background vocals), Brandon Aaronson (bass), Josh Fisher (drums), Jeffrey Kunde (lead guitar), Ian McIntosh (keyboards and programming) and Skyler Smith (acoustic guitar and percussion). The album’s audio was produced by Jeremy Edwardson, mixed by Sam Gibson and mastered by Drew Lavyne, and the video was directed and produced by Nathan Grubbs and mastered by Gibson.

« Our prayer for this album is that you would encounter the unstoppable, over-the-top, zealous, extravagant love that God has for you, » says Liebscher.

The full Jesus Culture Unstoppable Love track listing and associated song writers follows:

1) Sing Out – (Chris Quilala, Ian McIntosh, Jeffrey Kunde, Jeremy Edwardson)
2) We Will Run – (Chris Quilala, Ian McIntosh, Kari Jobe)
3) Light Of The World – (Chris Quilala, Ian McIntosh)
4) Surrender All (Give You Everything) – (Anthony Skinner, Jess Cates)
5) Unstoppable Love – (Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler Smith, Christa Black)
6) Your Name Is Glorious – (Anthony Skinner, Jess Cates)
7) No Other Like You (We Will Exalt You) – (Chris Quilala, Ian McIntosh, Jeffrey Kunde, Bryan Torwalt, Jeremy Edwardson, Derek Johnson)
8) You Make A Way – (Matt Gilman)
9) We Stand – (Chris Quilala, Ian McIntosh, Jeffrey Kunde, Jeremy Edwardson)
10) Wide Open* – (Anthony Skinner, Jess Cates, Chris Quilala)
11) Born Of God* – (Justin Jarvis)
12) In Awe Of You – (Anthony Skinner, Jess Cates)
13) 10,000 Reasons – (Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman)
* Songs on Blu-ray Disc and DVD Only





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Kim Walker : « We cry out » (album)

De retour sur You tube: Kim Walker ( Jesus Culture):

Kim Walker is a joyful, radical lover of Jesus! She lives to worship Him with every ounce of her being. One of the greatest desires of her heart is to see God’s kingdom and power manifest for people to be set free, healed, and radically changed as they encounter God in worship.

Kim currently leads worship and pastors the worship team at Bethel Church in Redding, California. She has quickly become one of the strongest voices for the current youth revival. She is a passionate worship leader with an anointing to bring an entire generation into an encounter with God. All of those who are in a worship service led by Kim will catch her contagious love to worship.

we cry out

Une artiste que j’aime beaucoup…..

See his Love…

We cry out:

How he loves us..

All i need is you…

kim walker

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