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Bethel Redding: « Lovely Women’s Conference » (Août 2013-live-Usa):

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Bethel: « Lovely Women’s Conference » (2013-live):

Gentlemen, please note: This event is an invitation for women only, viewing of this event is available on

Knowing our identity will bring a higher quality of life! The more we realize how much we are loved, the better understanding we will have of our place in God. The more we know our place in God, the better we can help others do the same.
We each have a Heavenly message inside of us, it says, “You are enough, you have what it takes”. Being lovely isn’t about having it all together or looking perfect. It’s about growing, changing, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us into the knowledge of who we are and what we are designed for.

A woman who knows who she is has the power to bring Heaven to Earth! Her voice is stronger, she has more courage, and she lives life stronger no matter what course.

Beni, Sheri and all the Bethel women leadership team, WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT, encourage you to join us for this up-coming women’s conference. There’s never been a better time to know who we are in Christ and where to direct our strengths. We hope you’ll come and have fun with us!!! COME JOIN US!!!

vidéos (worship): Jenn Johnson, Kari Jobe, Leah Valenzuela…:

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Lovely Women’s Conference
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