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Best of England 2: Worship Central, Hillsong London et Délirious?

Best of England 2: Worship Central, Hillsong London, Délirious?

Worship Central:

Worship Central is a Christian school of worship from Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), the church who also pioneered the Alpha Course. Worship Central launched in 2006[1]. The school is led by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon. The aim of Worship Central is to ‘encounter God, equip the worshipper and empower the local church’.

Since launching in 2006, tens of thousands of people have attended training events on three continents, and hundreds of thousands have visited this website for practical resources.

Christian Today, an online Christian news source, reports Hughes as saying « the heart [of Worship Central] is to find as many ways [as] possible to resource worship leaders and musicians to strengthen the church. »[3]

Worship Central runs conferences and tours; as well as online podcasts, blogs, videos and song

Tim Hughes writes « there’s a real need to train worship leaders spiritually, practically and with good leadership skills. Our passion is to see the worship life of the local church around the world explode. »

Hillsong London Music:

In 2004, Hillsong London released their first live worship album, entitled Shout God’s Fame, recorded live at the Mermaid Conference and Events Centre.

In October 2005, Hillsong London released their second album, Jesus Is, which was recorded live at the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End and includes performances by Matt Redman along side the Hillsong London Team. Jesus Is was released in May 2006.

In December 2006, Hillsong London also released a remixed version of Jesus Is’ called Jesus Is: Remix. The album contains various remixes of 12 songs from the original Jesus Is album.

On October 8, 2008 the Hail to the King album and live DVD was released, again recorded live in London’s Dominion Theatre.

The following year, on 24 August 2009, the single « C.I.T.Y » was released and reached Number 16 on the UK Top 30 Indie singles charts.

On 24 January 2010, Hillsong London recorded songs which were included on the latest Hillsong live DVD album, A Beautiful Exchange, released on 29 July 2010.


Delirious? est un groupe de pop-rock chrétien britannique originaire de Littlehampton. Le leader est Martin Smith (chant, guitare), accompagné de Stuart Garrard (chœurs, guitare), Jon Thatcher (basse), Tim Jupp (clavier, piano) et Stewart Smith (batterie, percussions). Ce groupe trouve ses influences dans U2, et livre des paroles ancrées dans la Bible.

Le point d’interrogation fait partie intégrante du nom Delirious?.

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