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Desperation Band: « UPDATE:LIVE » (cd/dvd-Live 2011-USA):

Desperation Band: Live Conference 2011 (USA):

Led by Jon Egan, the Desperation Band was birthed out of the student ministries of New Life Church in Colorado Springs. They are recording artist with a great family of worshipers from Integrity Music based out of Colorado Springs, CO. They continue to lead worship at New Life Church and annual Desperation Conferences.
The Desperation Band has recorded five albums for Integrity music, including the critically acclaimed « Everyone Overcome », and their very first studio worship record “Light Up The World”.

From the Desperation Conferences

The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing. Like a train, it is coming to earth. And like a fire, it burns in us today. This recording is a snap shot of us doing our small, yet significant, part. The passionate worship on this LIVE recording is not our attempt at forcing something into the hearts of man. Its our effort at calling out whats already in man and seeing it explode. Taken from the desperation conferences, what you will hear is barely touched or edited. It is the sound of a movement, 10 years strong. On the back of some of our favorite songs from the past 5 years, let us aggressively lift up the name of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us. Like David did, let us carry His presence on our backs to see His Glory come.

1.1 My Savior Lives
2 Light Of Salvation
3 Solid Rock
4 You Hold It All
5 Highest Place
6 Angel Song
7 Yahweh
2;1 Counting On God
2 Be The Change
3 I Am Free
4 Amazed (Obsession)
5 Refuse To Be Denied
6 Overcome
7 Here In Your Presence
8 Light Up The World
9 House of Prayer

-You Hold It All
-Refuse To Be Denied
-Here In Your Presence
-Light Up The World/House of Prayer
-EPK promo

Desperation Band: « UPDATE:LIVE »:

Yahweh-Featuring Kari Jobe

Here’s one of our favorite moments from the update live record! Our friend Kari Jobe has joined us for the past several years at Desperation Conference so it was only fitting that she be a part of the UPDATE:LIVE record. This video only shows about half of the song and the rest can be heard on the record, it was a powerful night, one that won’t soon be forgotten for the dband boys.

Refuse to Be Denied_ UPDATE:LIVE

“Refuse To Be Denied”…This was such an incredible moment at the conference. We’ve been singing this song year after year, and can’t remember a time where we haven’t been completely wrecked after it was over.

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