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Colombie/Usa: Single « Aviva/Revival » feat Kim Walker (G12/2013/ITunes):

soul fire rev bbbb

Colombie/Usa: Single « Revival » (2013/ITunes/Feat Kim Walker):

Our new single « REVIVAL » is now on iTunes in English, Spansish and Portuguese. //Nuestra pasión es el amor por Dios, nuestro deseo es influenciar a otros positivamente a través de la música.

Soulfire Revolution is not just a band, we’re part of ministry focused on loving God and following his steps. We are part of MCI church which is located in Bogota, Colombia where they have more than 200,000 members. That’s where this ministry was formed. We went as missionaries to the US to take the spirit of their church to Miami, Fl. “Our hearts are for God and to follow the great commission. We’re all leaders in our church and we are constantly leading new people to follow Jesus. It’s much more than music it’s about guiding others to truly have an encounter with God. “ Said: Lorena Castellanos. After many years of playing together they are coming out with a new project « REVIVAL ». This album shows the heart of the band, a heart for Jesus, and a heart to reach others.

Clip: (Esp/Eng/Por)

soul fire c

soul fire a

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Colombie: « Convención G12 Aliento de Vida 2013 »: (Martin Smith/Marco Barrientos):


Colombie: « Convención G12 Aliento de Vida 2013 »:

Data: De 28 de Janeiro à 2 de Fevereiro de 2013 Lugar_ Bogotá, Colombia Auditório: G12 Centro de Convenciones Endereço:

The G12 vision is about loving God, loving people, and doing something to help those in need. It started in a Bogota church, led by pastor Cesar Castellanos with 8 people and now it has more than 200,000 people. The Vision of G12 (Government of Twelve) is founded on the great commission given by Jesus. Its main objective is for every member to become a leader who will transmit Christ’s character and form his group of twelve.

convention g12


convention g12 b

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