Album :Planetshakers ‘Outback Worship Sessions’ (Mai 2015):

outPlanetshakers ‘Outback Worship Sessions’:(Australie/2015)

Planetshakers formed in 1997. Based at Planetshakers City Church in Melbourne, Australia, they have released more than 20 albums..

On “Leave Me Astounded”, we hear of someone who longs to feel the all consuming presence of God surround them. Professing with a heart of worship that His love is the only that truly satisfies.

“Nothing Is Impossible” highlights both 2 Corinthians 5:7 & Philippians 4:13 -choosing to live by faith, not by site knowing that all things are possible through Him that gives us strength.

One of the stand out tracks featured on the album is titled “Covered”. The lyrics remind us of the grace shown to us through the price Jesus paid on the cross. No matter what we’ve done in the past, or how we continue to stumble through life, we can find forgiveness in Him.

“Father” beautifully acknowledges the fact that God created each of us out of nothing, uniquely designed to fulfill the purpose He has placed within us. He holds us in His hands, always watching over us. In return, we give Him our praise & adoration.

Outback Worship Sessions stands out from other Planetshakers albums in that it offers a more intimate sound than many previous efforts. While some of the songs feel a bit repetitive, the overall message focuses strongly on giving your time & attention to a relationship with God. Not only to present our requests to Him, but also praising and showing gratitude for all He has done.

Track Listing:

  1. Like A Fire (4:28)
  2. Spirit Of God (4:39)
  3. Leave Me Astounded (5:31)
  4. My Soul (4:19)
  5. Endless Praise (3:45)
  6. Nothing Is Impossible (4:10)
  7. Covered (4:18)
  8. Father (4:11)
  9. Made For Worship (5:22)
  10. This Is The Day (4:38)
  11. This Is Our Time (3:38)


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Album: « This is Jesus Culture » (compilation/2015):

jc 1

Album: « This is Jesus Culture » (compilation/ dispo):

This is Jesus Culture is a compilation of some of the most influential and impactful songs within the movement, including « Your Love Never Fails », « How He Loves », « Rooftops », « Unstoppable Love » and many more. Also featured are two exclusive tracks recorded live at the Jesus Culture Conference in Sacramento, CA.

album aussi disponible en Espagnol:


1 – I Want To Know You (Featuring Chris Quilala)
2 – Sing Out (Featuring Chris Quilala)
3 – Unstoppable Love (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
4 – Rooftops (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
5 – Your Love Never Fails (Featuring Chris Quilala)
6 – Alleluia (Featuring Chris Quilala)
7 – Agnus Dei (Featuring Chris Quilala)
8 – How He Loves (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
9 – One Thing Remains (Featuring Chris Quilala)
10 – Your Name Is Glorious (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
11 – Show Me Your Glory (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)
12 – Holy Spirit (Featuring Kim Walker-Smith)


jc 2

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Album: Hillsong Youth « This is living » (2015/dispo):

this_is_living_ep_coverAlbum: Hillsong « Young and free/ This is living »

This Is Living” is Hillsong Young & Free’s latest venture and the expression of all that God is doing in the youth generation of Hillsong Church. In a much anticipated follow-up to Young & Free’s debut album, the EP features five new recordings, three of which are brand new songs, each bursting with the vitality, joy and positive hope-filled message that are becoming synonymous with the Young & Free team.

More than just songwriters and worship leaders, Young & Free is a movement of young people who are passionate about bringing the message of Jesus, and the spirit of freedom that comes only from knowing Him, to their world. This EP’s new tracks have been written in response to the youth ministry’s recent focus on life changing moments – the events that have defined and spur on new chapters of the individual journeys within the community. Its title track, “This Is Living” summarises the EP’s message – « It’s about remembering the moment we found Jesus, and reflecting on all that He means for us NOW, » says Hillsong Youth Pastor Laura Toggs.

vidéos: « 2015 This is Living »

album 2014:  « We are young and free« :



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