For justice (songs):

Témoignage/enseignement :Heidi Baker (en français-67 min):

Heidi Baker: « Accédez à votre héritage » (USA-Mozambique)

Rolland et Heidi Baker sont les fondateurs d’Iris Ministries ( Originaires de Californie (Etats-Unis), ils habitent à présent depuis plusieurs années au Mozambique où ils supervisent plus de 6000 églises, une école biblique et accueillent plus de 3000 orphelins. Rolland et Heidi participent régulièrement à différentes conférences dans le monde entier (dont Paris fin Mai 2011 à confirmer).

sur Wikipedia:

Heidi Baker (born 1959) is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland co-founder of IRIS Ministries and the author of several books.

Together with her husband Rolland Heidi founded IRIS Ministries in 1980, a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to Jesus and service, especially among the poor. After twelve years ministering in Asia, they left in 1992 to do their PhD’s at King’s College London, UK. In 1995 they started a new ministry to the poor and homeless children in Mozambique. Beginning with nothing, within a matter of months they were given a dilapidated orphanage in Maputo with 80 children. From there, the ministry has expanded to include well-drilling, free health clinics that service the poor and sick, feeding programs, primary and secondary schools, cottage industries and 5000 churches in Mozambique and a total of over 8,000 churches in over 20 nations. There are multiple ‘bases’ with Bible schools, as well as community outreaches and top-ranked public schools. In September 2008 Iris Ministries started a well digging project in Northern Mozambique.

Originally from Southern California, the Bakers are now based full-time in Pemba, Mozambique. They also travel to various places around the world to share their story, and to teach about God’s love and what love in action looks like. The core value and message of the Bakers ministry is God’s love. Rolland Baker is the grandson of missionary H.A. Baker.


Conférence en Suisse (67 minutes-site biblica TV):

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Documentaire: « We Are All In This Together »: (2010 -Hillsong United- DVD)

I Heart Revolution: « We’re All In This Together » (DVD):

Il y a deux ans commençait le blog « Louer Chez Soi », le premier post présentait les teasers du dvd de Hillsong United « I heart Revolution« .  Dvd de la tournée mondiale de United : vidéos de concerts qui mélangeait louanges et images du monde (videos  très » impactantes » pour moi). De ce premier dvd devait naitre une suite que  j’attendais avec impatience:  un documentaire « We’re all in this together » . Après deux d’attente, ce documentaire est enfin sorti et il est enfin arrivé « Chez Moi » ….Totaly Amazing…

‘We’re All In This Together,’ is a feature-length social justice documentary presented by Hillsong United. It demonstrates the potential impact of this unified heart if put into practice by showing the love of God toward others… to not just preach the good news, but together, to be the good news.

The film is part two of a three part series. While Hillsong United’s first film, ’With Hearts As One’, was focused on the worship we have within church and the words that we proclaim within our music, this second part is about putting those words into action and becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that desperately needs him. It tells the stories of many across our world and opens up doors for us, not only to understand but to be inspired and to help make a difference.

To learn more about the I Heart Revolution, please visit:

We’re All In This Together includes the full 2 hour film documentary (with french subtitles) + 5 Hillsong UNITED music videos:

Qui a envie d’aimer?

Premiers extraits du DVD (qualité moyenne-la voix off est celle de Joel Houston):

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Conference « Passion 2011 » : (22 000 students-Usa-1/4 Janvier 2011 Atlanta).

« Passion Conferences is a Christian organization (also referred to as the 268 Generation, originally named Choice Ministries), founded by Louie Giglio and Jeff Lewis in 1997, known for their annual spiritual awakening gatherings of young adults, more specifically college students. The organization is also responsible for sixstepsrecords, the Passion Worship CDs, and the OneDay gatherings. The first conference was Passion 97 in Austin, Texas, and the headquarters are now in Alpharetta, Georgia. The organization lists its purpose as « …uniting students in worship and prayer for spiritual awakening in this generation, » using Isaiah 26:8 as their theme verse: « Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and renown are the desire of our souls. ».

Passion Conferences planned to go international in 2008, as reported in Christian Today: « For the first time, the national Passion conference is making a global tour in 2008 after years of drawing tens of thousands of students to one national venue. Next year’s plan is to visit 20 cities across 15 nations in an estimated $4 million (£2 million) tour. » The conferences actually took place in 17 cities worldwide…

Passion: Worship and Justice:

1)Montage 2010 « spirit Passion »:

Passion 2011 : Justice /Bilan 2011:

2)Passion 2011 : Worship : Chris Tomlin


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