Hillsong Live: »Open Heaven / River Wild » (cd/dvd/br):


Hillsong 2015: »Open Heaven / River Wild »:

OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild is the 24 Live worship CD from Hillsong.  Recorded at their conference in Sydney Australia, this deluxe edition features the full CD and a DVD featuring all 12 tracks plus 4 bonus songs that will enable you to experience the live worship atmosphere first hand.

Hillsong have provided a little background to where the unusual title of this album came from;  » There is something special about understanding that when we encounter Christ, we live under an Open Heaven. What should our response be? If we are immersed in His mercy, then His Living Water can run wild through us. This is the premise of this album. Our posture, our response to His compassion and grace. With songs such as the title track, Open Heaven (River Wild), O Praise The Name (Anastasis), Transfiguration, One Thing and Love On The Line. We pray this album will impact individuals in both corporate and personal worship times. » Hillsong Worship.

Open Heaven River Wild CD/DVD by Hillsong was published by Hillsong in October 2015

Album tracklisting:

1. O Praise The Name (Anástasis) –
2. Love On The Line –
3. One Thing –
4. Open Heaven (River Wild) –
5. Transfiguration – Taya Smith
6. What A Saviour –
7. Heart Like Heaven –
8. Jesus I Need You –
9. Here With You –
10. In God We Trust –
11. Faithfulness –
12. Never Forsaken –



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