Album: « No Other Name » (Hillsong live/2014/cd):


Album: « No Other Name » (Hillsong live 2014/disponible):

No Other Name is the 23rd worship album by Hillsong released on 27 June 2014 in Australia and released on 1 July 2014 worldwide. This album is named after the 2014 Hillsong Conference.

The recording team for this album includes Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding, Annie Garratt, Jad Gillies, David Ware, Jay Cook, Joel Houston, Matt Crocker, Taya Smith, Hannah Hobbs and Marty Sampson, among others.


On February, Hillsong Worship through their page announced that they are working and recording a new album to be released for July 2014, and some of those songs include « This I Believe » and « Calvary ».

In March they announced that they are working on the cover of the new album that they didn’t name at all.

On 3 April, they released the album’s first single, a song titled « Calvary » as an Easter single.[7] Then, on 23 April, Cass Langton of Hillsong Church, posted a blog on Hillsong Collected, in which she talks about the new recording, announcing that Michael Chislett was producing the album. Meanwhile,Jay Argaet shot the new album cover on 23 April in Times Square, NYC.

On 5 May, they revealed the album name by posting the cover artwork of the album, which is a picture Times Square screens showing the text, « No Other Name, Jesus ».

On 27 June, the album was released to Australia


The album recording started on February.Meanwhile, the live DVD (for September 2014) will be recorded by at the Allphones Arena on Hillsong Conference 2014





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