Vidéo: « The Force of Grace »(Elevation Church-V.o):


Vidéo: « The Force of Grace »(by StudioE):


« The Force of Grace » is an abstract, image-driven video element that seeks to use water as the foundational metaphor of the illogical, scandalous, glorious grace of God. Using the idea that “art is valuable if it wakes the soul”, this element is not so clearly defined as to tell a story, but simply presents imagery and words that ignite the sensual feeling of God’s grace – as it covers us, washes us, scares us, confuses us, draws us in, and defines us.


God’s power, on display through the property of water, was transformed from destruction to grace because of the cross.

Water destructs. Water cleanses. God has called forth his power not to destroy the very ones who deserve death, but instead destroy death itself.

For He who gathered the clouds and laid the earth’s foundation,
He who brought forth the constellations and set their limits,
He who formed the water and named the dust
was the one who washed our feet and named us clean.


Vidéo (3 minutes)+ texte :

This thing that is
but we often cannot see.
Too close for us to see the magnitude,
the glory of this structure.
We often see the detail
But not the stretching, sweeping scale of the thing.

It wraps us up.
Holds us.
So we consider it gentle. Warm. Kind.
We do not see, though, the violent nature.
The wrath and hate for the converse: our sin.

We do not see the scale.
We touch what is visible through our tunnel eyes and say « grace. »
But we see only a fragment of the grand, scandalous tapestry
That God has woven together over time.

The fabric of the world itself.
The very reason the stars are strung together.
When we choose to put one foot in front of the next, it’s grace.

This gracious glory buried within us,
Beating on our ribs to speak of his wonder.
With this touch, life is given.

The giver’s love is this cloak.
This sea of blue green forgetfulness. This face of majesty.
The crackling, roaring thunder.

Grace, his sound.
Glory, his bright display.
Breaks and creates. And finds us. And we’re found.

The split curtain. The opened back.
The mingling blood and water.
The flood that destroys the world we’ve built.
All the earth submitting to his power.

The Cross.

Grace wrapped in triumphant glory.
He is the eyes-shut embrace. The driving rain.
The wind blows, but only at his word.

And this same fury, this sin-thrashing storm,
Is the tempest that bows to wash our feet.
And this same fury, this sin-thrashing storm,
Is the tempest that bows to wash our feet.



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