Conférence/Usa: Onething 2012 (28/31 décembre 2012-25 000 youngs):


Conférence: Onething 2012 (Kansas-25 000 people)

Encountering Jesus & His Transforming Power

The onething conference is a gathering of young adults who have set their hearts to live with abandonment and devotion to Jesus.

We invite you to join 25,000 young adults in Kansas City this December to encounter Jesus through extended times of worship, teaching of the Word, and ministry in the power of the Spirit. Our theme this year is “Encountering Jesus & His Transforming Power.” Our primary aim is to encounter Jesus, so that we might go forth to do His works and change the world.

Located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, with seating for more than 25,000, the Kansas City Convention Center is again home to the International House of Prayer’s annual onething conference.

This conference was birth forth by Mike Bickle, ( Founder and Director of IHOP ( which holds 24/7 prayer and worship at their IHOP prayer room in the heart of Kansas City for the past 16 years.

Mike has been teaching for over 25 years on intimacy with God, prayer and missions. He says,

the onething conference is for messaging, courage giving and visioning to young adults.

The event was broadcast live via to over 60,000 viewers online in 200 nations across the globe.

Although the conference was primarily American attendees, it draws representatives and believers from all over the world of diverse backgrounds.

They come together for the annual gathering at the same time at the end of every year; primarily young adults to unite with the  onething vision for 4 days of solid biblical teachings and to enter into some incredible worship lead by worship teams from IHOPKC’s day and night prayer and worship “greenhouse”.

Speakers include Mike Bickle himself and many of the  IHOPKC leadership faithfulls with a passionate message from Lou Engle about Mission “Akebolo” (means to send) calling people to respond to the call to go to the nations. This is based on Matthew 9:38 ”Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (NIV).

One of the strategies is to enlist and equip young adults in day and night prayer and worship mandate by attending IHOPKCU, Internship or missional training.

The school trains and raises up students in ministry, media, music and missions with prayer and worship as a key part of the curriculum so that they can to go forth and impact their world from a position of spiritual revelation.

Another strategy is to have prayer and worship in all 1,600 university campuses in the United States and they have already achieved this in 1,000 campus. Well done IHOPKC!

What great strategies as many are inspired to join this “greenhouse model” of prayer and worship as a back drop to learning the ways of the Kingdom to changing impacting their world!

This conference and IHOPKC prayer room

is a catalyst for a global prayer and worship movement

says Mike Bickle. This seems to be grabbing significant international attention and enquires to do the same in other countries.

At the same time of the onething conference, there was a similar event being held in St. Louis, Missouri by IHOPKC partner URBANA, Intervarsity’s Student Missions conference. The two sites were connected via satellite and energized one another.

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