Album: Kim Walker : » Still Believe » (Janvier 2013-Jesus Culture)


Kim Walker : » Still Believe » (cd-2012):

Integrity Music and Jesus Culture Music announce the highly anticipated, second solo album from Kim Walker-Smith, Still Believe, which releases Jan. 15.  The album was recorded live with a full band, including an orchestral strings section, during a night filled with radical worship for Jesus at the Cascade Theater in Redding, CA.

Known worldwide as a leading voice in the Jesus Culture movement and as one of the worship leaders in the Jesus Culture band, Walker-Smith’s Still Believe marks her first solo album in nearly five years.  The album features primarily original songs, with Walker-Smith co-writing two songs and writing the title track.

« It’s very rare for me to write a song so quickly, but this song just came bursting out as if it was always in there just waiting to come out, » shares Walker-Smith about « Still Believe. »  « The message of the song is saying, ‘I still believe that you are the God who heals, despite anything I may be facing or the mountain in my way.' »

The full Still Believe track and songwriter listing follows:

1. « Alive » – Gabe Kossol, Jeremy Edwardson

2. « Waste It All » – Chris McClarney, Christa Black, Laura Rhinehart

3. « The King is Here » – Christa Black, Kim Walker-Smith

4. « Yield My Heart » – Kim Walker-Smith, Christa Black

5. « Spirit Break Out » – Ben Bryant, Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon, Tim Hughes

6. « Spirit Break Out/ Spontaneous » – Ben Bryant, Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon, Tim Hughes

7. « Still Believe » – Kim Walker-Smith

8. « Miracle Maker » – Martin Smith, Stuart Garrard

9. « Healing Oil » – Chris Lizotte

sortie Album 15 Janvier 2013


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