Preview: Passion Atlanta 2013 (Conférence-45 000 students-USA):

passion 2013

Preview: Passion Atlanta 2013 (Conference-1/4 Janvier 2013):

The Story of PassionRooted in the confession of Isaiah 26:8, Passion exists to glorify God by uniting students in worship, prayer and justice for spiritual awakening in this generation.From its start in 1995, the Passion Movement has had a singular mission—calling students from campuses across the nation and around the world to live for what matters most.  For us, what matters most is the name and renown of Jesus Christ. We believe in this generation and are watching God use them to change the climate of faith around the globe.Since the first gathering in 1997, Passion has had the privilege of encountering millions of students and 18-25 year olds, a sea of young people whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Their voice is getting louder as they rise, united as a generation, bringing hope and light to the world.Since 2007, Passion’s Do Something Now initiative has powerfully wed the expression of worship with justice as students have given over $8 million to dozens of partner organizations throughout the world.Passion is more than music.  More than events.  Passion is a generation living for His name.The wave is growing into a global awakening.  Join the movement.
Next up: Passion 2013, January 1-4, 2013, The Dome, Atlanta, GA
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musique: « White Flag » (cd)
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