England: National Day of Prayer at Wembley stadium 2012 (+30 000 personnes)

National Day of Prayer & Worship at WEMBLEY STADIUM 2012:

On Saturday 29th September 2012 over 32,000 Christians gathered at Wembley Stadium in an event organised by Global Day of Prayer London.

The National Day of Prayer and Worship is for ALL Christians, Church, Youth, Prayer Leaders, and Intercessors. We want to bring Christians from across the Isles from many different Backgrounds, Denominations, Streams and Traditions together to pray, worship and seek God. 

Visit the National Day of Prayer Wembley website for more details.

Music: Hillsong London, Tim Hugues, Matt Redman, LZ7….

United as one at Wembley (source christian today)

Thousands of Christians from all denominations and cultures assembled at Wembley Stadium for the National Day of Prayer and Worship on Saturday.

The purpose of the event was to unite Christians all over Britain to pray for revival across the nation.

Jonathan Oloyede, Convenor of the National Day of Prayer, received a vision from God in the early Nineties for the event.

« The Lord showed me a vision of the stadium. I was praying and I saw thousands upon thousands of Christians worshiping God. However, the stadium I saw was not the old Wembley Stadium, it was the new stadium.

« I did not understand the vision until a stadium was reconstructed in place of the old one. I knew then that what I saw was a vision of the future. »

Whilst in prayer, Jonathan saw another vision.

« People were praying in small groups of fives, fifties, five hundreds and five thousands, » he recalled.

« The groups were praying the Lord’s prayer and the Lord said to me , ‘My people are already in place don’t start anything new, just join the dots. »

He later discovered that these ‘dots’ were situated in the North, East, South and West of the British Isles.

In partnership with the National Day of Prayer was the Christian Broadcasting Council (CBC) whose basis is to lift the name of Jesus in the media.

« The build up to today has been tremendous, » said Olave Snelling, Chairman of CBC.

« I think today is a very significant day and God’s word says in Acts 2 ‘When we are together in one place the holy spirit comes’.

« What I’m praying for, along with my colleagues, is that we be touched by the Holy fire of the Holy Spirit because this is not just a stadium event, this is an ongoing process of taking the nation for God and I believe this is happening. »

The event proved to demonstrate a strong sense of unity as Christians from many denominations assembled together for a common purpose.

‘ »It is amazing because Christian Ministries are very much and very often inward looking, » Olave continued.

« They want to do their own thing which is great and we want them to succeed in that. However, you’ve got to look outside of your denomination and join up with others who have the same desires. »

Speakers led prayers of thanksgiving and transformation, and Christian artists such as Tim Hughes and Lara Martin gave performances of their contemporary worship songs…. (source christian today)


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