England/conférence: Soul Survivor 2012 (30 000 jeunes- August 2012):

England/conférence: Soul Survivor 2012

Soul Survivor is a five day event where thousands of us gather together to journey with God.

The main focus of the events are morning and evening meetings where we spend time worshipping God with music, learning more about Him through His word (the Bible) and waiting on the Holy Spirit to change us and equip us to live lives for Him.

As well as main meetings and seminars we have a bunch of venues from chilled out cafes through to awesome gigs… it’s pretty fun!

what does it look like?

Soul Survivor is about thousands of us seeking God, praising Him, listening to His word and praying for each other. But it’s not just about main meetings. There is the chance to get the low down on all manner of issues in our massive array of seminars.  On top of that there’s the hanging out drinking hot chocolate in makeshift cafes or checking out live gigs.

who is it for?

Soul Survivor is about following Jesus better, so is really aimed at (Christian) young people, though you don’t have to be a Christian to come or part of any particular denomination. We spend times seeking God in our main meetings though these aren’t compulsory… there is loads of other stuff to do. Everyone is welcome, whether they class themselves Christians or not.

where and when is it?

In 2011 the Soul Survivor events are happening over 3 weeks at two different locations:
week a: 27th-31st july, at the stafford showground
week b: 7th-11th august at the bath & west showground
week c: 12th-16th august at the bath & west showground

you can get details of costs and booking here…

some history

Soul Survivor started back back in 1993 and since then our events have grown to see over 28,000 people come along each year. The stuff we do is specifically for young people and younger adults, and seeks to equip us all to worship God and follow Jesus with our whole lives. We’re not about hype, but seek to learn and grow from relevant and biblical teaching and through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


vidéos 2011:

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