Asie: « City Harvest Church »: (Singapour-louanges en anglais)

Asie du Sud-Est: « City Harvest Church »: (Singapour)

City Harvest Church (Chinese: 城市丰收教会) or CHC is a non-denominational megachurch in Singapore with an average of 23,256 attendees in the month of December 2010.

  • THE CITY HARVEST STORY (source le site de city church)

The Call of God

In 1989, Kong felt the call of God to enter into full-time Christian service. Kong had, by then, graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore and was working for a publishing house.

Having held several small, but successful, evangelistic campaigns in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, Kong wanted to become an itinerant evangelist to assist the churches in Southeast Asia.

In April that year, he left the Anglican church he was attending since he was a child and set out to become a staff evangelist with « Christ for Asia, » a Singapore-based missions organization.

The Birth of CHC

After leaving his local congregation and embarking on a walk of faith in the mission field, a group of young people that Kong had previously ministered to gathered around him.

They wanted him to be their shepherd, to pastor and lead them. With the support and encouragement of numerous senior pastors in the city, Kong decided to pioneer a new work, and hence, put aside his desire of becoming a traveling minister.

In the month of December 2010, it had an average of 23,256 attendees. Locally, the church has 37 ministries for its members to volunteer actively in.

CHC has 47 affiliate « Harvest » churches in 2010. CHC has direct supervision over 29 of them, while 18 come under the oversight of Harvest School of Ministry led by Rev. George Ong.

In 2001, CHC built a 2,300-seater, titanium-clad church complex in Jurong West Street 91 for S$48,000,000. Apart from that, it has offices and schools in three different locations.

Today, CHC holds its main English services on Saturday and Sunday at Level 6 of Suntec Singapore. Its other services like Chinese service, Filipino service, Indonesian service, Children’s Church and JAMs, its service for the intellectually-disabled, will be held in various locations at Suntec Singapore.


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  1. arcenciel

    ça donne envie d’y aller voir là-bas! Thak you, Kong!

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