Passion 2012 Recap: « vidéos de louanges »: « Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, David Crowder. (45 000 students-USA)

Passion 2012 (2-5 Janvier 2012-USA):

« The Passion Movement, which held its first conference in 1997, continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Passion 2012 – a three-day event – concluded yesterday and attracted around 45,000 enthusiastic attendees to the Georgia Dome (Atlanta).

The Passion Conferences are restricted to those between the ages of 18 and 25. As explained in the previous post, Louie Giglio is the founder and architect of the Passion Movement.  His student ministry at Baylor, which spanned a decade, prepared him well for his role in motivating college students to pursue their faith.  Giglio has assembled a team of speakers, and those who joined him in speaking at Passion 201 The conference was streamed live, and each session was made available via the internet for a short time (24 hours or less after the session concluded).

Louie Giglio concluded the conference with Session Eight.  Toward the end of the session, Shelley Giglio joined her husband on stage, and they listed all the endeavors that would be funded because of the generous giving of attendees. Just before the event drew to a close, they energized the crowd by announcing the total money that had been raised ($500,000 of the total was given by a generous couple who had attended Passion 2012).

The grand total was (drum roll please) $3,066,670.

That means the conference attendees gave $2,566,670.

Giglio then asked how many would commit to coming back next year, and he got a huge response. He explained that if they took the curtain down and opened up the entire arena, 71,000 people would be able to attend Passion 2013; however, he said in order for that to happen they would have to commit soon to coming next year. »

Chris Tomlin:

David Crowder:

Hillsong United:

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  1. Etienne

    Merci pour cette « recap » à écouter en boucle!

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