Documetaire: « 180 Movie » (Pro-life-2 000 000 vues sur YouTube-2011)

180 Movie (release date September 26, 2011-USA): (source wikipedia)

180 (also known as 180: Changing the Heart of a Nation or 180 Movie) is a 33-minute 2011 documentary film produced by Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters Publications.[1][2] It is notable for comparing abortions to the Holocaust. The film is distributed by Living Waters on DVD and has been posted publicly on the film’s official website and YouTube.


The film begins by showing images of the Holocaust, and stating that Hitler sanctioned the killing of 11 million people. This is followed by Comfort interviewing people about Adolf Hitler; their responses indicate a lack of historical knowledge. Comfort proposes a hypothetical situation to his interviewees, asking if they would kill Hitler if they had the opportunity at that time in history. He asks more hypotheticals dealing with what his interviewees might do in other circumstances related to the Holocaust.

He then switches his topic to make similar comparisons to abortion within the United States and the right to life, personalizing his arguments to make comparisons between the Holocaust and abortion in order to place the interviewees on the spot.

The documentary concludes with Comfort stating that over 50 million abortions have occurred to date; he calls this the « American Holocaust ».


The documentary was originally intended to be a free DVD supplement to Comfort’s book Hitler, God, and the Bible.[3] Comfort compared his film to the YouTube video Charlie bit my finger, which had accumulated millions of views, and offered his hope that 180 would achieve the same viewership and thus serve to shift opinion on abortion…


The documentary was produced by Ray Comfort with the help of his ministry, Living Waters. It was released on Sunday, September 18th, 2011.

As of November 4, 2011, the film had received over 1 milllion views on its official website.

Over 2 Million views on YouTube on January 2012…

Le documentaire de 33 minutes:

Award-Winning Documentary – « Shocking! » – Click CC above for translations.

Subtitles/Closed Captions available
1.) English
2.) Spanish / Español
3.) French / Français
4.) German / Deutsch

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