Noël: « Born is the King » (Hillsong-2011-Cd):

Hillsong « Born Is The King (It’s Christmas) »:

Hillsong have released a new Christmas EP titled Born Is The King. It’s only eight tracks long but in those eight tracks you know Christmas is here. These studio recordings include new songs ‘Emmanuel’, written by Reuben Morgan, and ‘Born Is The King (It’s Christmas)’, written by Matt Crocker and Scott Ligertwood, plus traditional favourites including ‘Come Let Us Adore Him’ and ‘Joy To The World’.

The EP opens with a more mellow version of Joy To The World, inspiring, heartfelt and warm – all the true feelings of what Christmas is all about, so put this on around the log fire with the family. I love it. Born Is The King (It’s Christmas) is a more uplifting Christmas song, not like a Christmas party disco number, but with a pounding beat that has a big sound you know this song will leave you with a smile on your face. I’m sure you will be singing along with the chorus of « Lift up your voice and sing out His praise, It’s Christmas ». To be fair to the song it grasps what we should be doing at Christmas, praising the Son of God being born.

For the last four tracks the album takes on the more traditional songs that we have all grown up with: We Three Kings, Silent Night, O Come Let Us Adore Him and O Holy Night. I love the simplicity of We Three Kings, just a simple acoustic version with an amazing vocal that I could listen to all night, it has that live coffee shop feel to it. The other songs to end the EP again have a contemporary twist, yet at the same time still keeping true to the tradition of the songs. Top marks for Hillsong on this one. The album ends with what is the song of all Christmas songs, Silent Night, with a beautiful small choir sound and a simple music accompaniments that is so ‘Christmas’, a great gentle way to finish. source: louderthanmusic

Track listing

  1. « The Westward Procession » (0:32) –
  2. « Joy To The World » (3:20) – 
  3. « Born Is The King (It’s Christmas) » (3:21) –
  4. « Emmanuel » (4:35) –
  5. « We Three Kings » (2:56) –
  6. « O Come Let Us Adore Him  » (6:25) – 
  7. « O Holy Night » (6:03) – 
  8. « Silent Night » (2:07) – 


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