Darlene Zschech: « You Are Love » (cd/dvd 2011)

Darlene Zschech: « You Are Love » (cd/dvd 2011)

Former Hillsong pastor Darlene Zschech releases her brand new album ‘You Are Love’ on 6th September 2011. Having spent over 20 years as worship pastor/producer for Hillsong Music, leading worship on recordings that have sold over 5 million units in the US alone, Darlene and her husband Mark recently took up new roles as Senior Pastors at Church Unlimited in Australia.

Recorded on the Central Coast of Australia at the famed studio The Grove, Zschech teamed up with multiple notable producers such as Paul Mabury (Hillsong), Pete Kipley (MercyMe), Ryan Taubert and Josh Telford. Additionally ‘You Are Love’ also features extraordinary collaborations with co-writer Israel Houghton, vocalist Barry Southgate and a special guest appearance by Zschech’s daughter Zoe Jewel.

Best known for writing worship anthems such as ‘Shout To The Lord’, the new album includes the singles ‘Under Grace’ and title track ‘Your Are Love’. Zschech explains, « I always pray that people will be challenged to lean in a little closer to God, to hear Him speak and know His voice, to desire the presence of Jesus in their lives more than anything this world can offer, to have their hearts broken again for anyone who is suffering, and that their hope in Christ would be fuelled again, no matter what situation they are in ».

Track Listing:
1. Under Grace
2. Saving Me
3. You Are Love
4. We Are Your People
5. I Will Wait
6. Beautiful
7. Hope For Humanity
8. Faithful
9. Cry Of The Broken
10. Face To Face
11. Under Grace

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