New cd: Leeland – « The Great Awakening » (Usa-2011-sous titres):

LEELAND: cd: «  The Great Awakening »:

Leeland invokes the fiery revivalism of 18th-century American minister Jonathan Edwards on The Great Awakening, the Christian quartet’s fourth album. The band – now including lead singer Leeland Mooring’s sister Shelly on bass – moves away from its original Britpop/progressive rock sound towards an earthier (but still expansive) approach in these tracks. Still central to the group’s appeal are Leeland’s honeyed tenor vocals and brother Jack’s stately keyboard touch, applied to catchy, melodically-rich tunes that work well in corporate worship settings. An inspirational 18th-century poem provides the lyrics to The Great Awakening’s title track and sets the tone for the album as a whole. Leeland celebrates God’s majesty in “I Wonder,” glimpses heaven beyond a sordid world in “I Can See Your Love” and challenges believers to act upon their faith in “While We Sing.” Musically, “I Wonder” and “Pages” show a pronounced country influence, while “Holy Ghost” swirls with neo-psychedelic effects. “Unending Songs” reaffirms Leeland’s sustained message of passionate praise.

01.The Great Awakening
02.All Over The Earth
03.Chains Hit The Ground
04.I Can See Your Love
05.I Wonder
07.Not Afraid Anymore
08.I Cry
09.Holy Ghost
10.While We Sing
11.Unending Songs

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  1. Etienne

    J’aime! I like!

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