Mexique: Jesus Adrian Romero (vidéos):

Jesus Adrian Romero (Mexique):

Jesus Adrian Romero is a Mexican author, Christian music singer, composer and pastor from Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico.

Jesús Adrián Romero was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, México. It was around the age of 16 when he first became a Christian after he and his mother had an invitation to go to a bible study.[1]

yay In the late ’80s Jesús Adrián Romero began a musical group called ‘Grupo Creación’. He and the band began playing and ministering to people through their music. Some time later he founded the Christian community « Amistad y Vida » (« Friendship and Life ») in Agua Prieta, Sonora. Currently, « Amistad y Vida » is a congregation ministering to its city, under the leadership of Pastor Santiago and Carmen Acosta.

Jesús Adrián was also an assistant pastor in « Vino Nuevo » (« New Wine » in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua), for four years, under the direction of pastor Victor Richards, where he was in charge of Bible studies in different homes and directed one of the worship groups of the congregation. For three years he worked as praise director of the group « Hombre a Hombre » (« From man to man »).

Jesús Adrián is founder and president of « Vástago Producciones, » a record label dedicated to the production and distribution of Christian Music in Spanish.

He is married to Pecos Romero, and they have three children, Adrián Roberto, Jaanai Michelle, and Melissa Janet. Jesús Adrián and his family currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

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