Album: Matt Redman: « 10 000 reasons » (Angleterre/cd/Juillet 2011).

Matt Redman: « 10000 Reasons ».

10000 Reasons by Matt Redman was published by EMI Kingsway in July 2011 and is our 2nd best seller.

10000 Reasons is the 2011 album from Matt Redman, one of the Churches most well respected worship leaders and writer of some of the biggest anthems sung in Churches today including ‘The Heart of Worship’ and ‘Blessed be Your Name’.

This album was recorded live with 1,000 worship leaders early in 2011 and features 11 all-new songs.

Matt Redman has been part of the Passion Conferences Worship Team for a number of years and has worked alongside Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin at Passion Atlanta in the USA.

10,000 Reasons celebrates the many reasons to praise a Wonderful and Mighty God.

Matt Redman’s thoughts on 10,000 Reasons

“As a worship leader, one of the things I really want to do is get people to lift their eyes, look to the big picture and part of that is looking to the internal. Yeah we’ve got this incredible perspective of eternity for us and we are going to be with Jesus forever and I think sometimes that is a really important message to put into people’s hearts and to just to so that, the hope of eternity into them as they are gathering as a church here. And so this song ‘Endless Hallelujah’ that’s really what it is all about.

So the song started with a hymn, some lyrics from a guy called Robert in the year 1837. He wrote this poem which turned into a hymn when his passing word was done. And just some fantastic truths about the heavenly perspective that we have as Christians and so we took some of these lyrics, adapted some, wrote some more lyrics, originally the tune for this song was a guy called Tim, Chris Tomlin jumped in and he kind of contented with some of this lyrics, trying to shape them for most, my fine Jones Moraine jumped in and we wrote a chorus and a bridge. So I love the teamwork factor, I love this songs where you think there is no way ever I would have got to this place on my own. I would have sat in a room, drive myself crazy but I think, yes the kingdom of God thing, not many things were meant to be done just on your own, I don’t think that’s how he has designed their lives. It is a great – God loves teamwork and I love that thing and you don’t have to be in the same room.

Sometimes that is fantastic but this one was Tim Wansdow was in the UK, Jones is a Swedish guy who is jumping about all over this world, Me and Chris were sitting in Atlanta Georgia and then we’ve got these guys in the grave, you know he is in heaven Robert McClain and we’ve taken this lyrics and this fantastic kind of collaboration happening, I love that, I really love that. And I hope this song brings some hope to people. Sometimes we just don’t see past our everyday and so every day is like we are facing this problem or there is this trial or this thing and so can’t just see past that stuff and Jesus wants us to lift our eyes to this big picture he is giving us and it is amazing how free it is when you do that.”

News about 10000 Reasons

10000 Reasons marks the first time that a British artist has topped the US Christian Music Charts! – Well done Matt


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