Preview documentaire: « Father of Lights » (2012/USA/dvd)

Father of Lights (dvd-2012):

This is the one everyone is already asking us about, and indeed, it is shaping up to be our magnum opus. Father of Lights will be the final film in the Finger of God/Furious Love trilogy. We’re keeping the lid on the particulars, but what I can tell you is that this film will be a fitting end to the trilogy. It’s going to be big, epic, and above all challenging. We have already filmed things that blow away anything else we’ve ever filmed, which is saying something. The movie will be about a lot of things, but in the end, the journey will be coming to an end in the most fitting way possible.

I am constantly amazed by the genius of God, and putting this trilogy together has only increased my amazement. It was strange, because even as I was putting together Finger of God, thinking how much of a miracle it would be if even 1000 people ever saw this movie, I somehow had the suspicion that I was going to be making a trilogy. I had no idea what the other movies would be about, but simply had a sense that this was the first part of a much larger story.

I find it interesting how God started my story, and the story of these films, kind of on the periphery, with the signs and wonders phenomena, and has slowly moved me closer and closer into the very heart of the gospel. Gemstones and gold dust are great and all, but they aren’t smack in the center of God’s heart. Neither are miracles. With Furious Love, we’re getting closer, moving into His love for the lost and the broken. But with Father of Lights, we hit the center of all things, and it’s going to make some people very uncomfortable. Especially religious people.

I honestly have no idea when this movie will be finished, as we’ll be filming all year. Many people from the first two films will return, as well as some new ones, and a few very big surprises. We are hoping for a release sometime in the first half of 2012, though.

Keep us in prayer for this one. This will be a monumental call to the church to stand up and finally do what we have been called to do around the world. If we aren’t going to love the world around us, then we might as well pack it all up and go home. If we don’t love, and if we don’t bring freedom with us, then we are simply another religion, lumped in with the rest of them.

The truth is, the light of the world resides within us. And we have but one Father.


et aussi disponible en France en Octobre 2011 (combo Finger of God/Furious Love en vost):

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