Preview: Hillsong Live  » God is Able » (sortie Juillet 2011-cd/dvd/Br):

Hillsong LIVE – God Is Able (2011 Juillet):

Australia’s popular worship movement Hillsong will release their latest live album ‘God Is Able’ on 26th July 2011. The album, which will be the twentieth in the live praise and worship series from the Hillsong Church, was recorded during the Hillsong Conference in November 2010 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia.

Featuring songs led by Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding and other members of the Hillsong Worship Team,God Is Able will be released separately on CD and DVD (Br). The fourteen-track CD includes ‘Go’, ‘Narrow Road’, ‘Awakening’ and title track ‘God Is Able’. The DVD features the same track listing plus additional versions of the songs ‘You Will Never Fail’ and ‘Go’, plus bonus song ‘Yours Forever’.

« That night represented the coming together of Hillsong Church from different campuses, services and even cities, as we were joined by some of our team from London, Kiev, Cape Town, Paris, Stockholm and New York », writes worship leader Ben Fielding. « From the first song to the last, it was like a summary of our year as a church, as the songs that had given expression to who God is and what He has done were sung at full volume by our church. I’m reassured that this album brings a fresh sound and expression to our worship and that the songs are as strong as they’ve ever been. » (source louderthanmusic)


  1. « Rise »
  2. « The Difference »
  3. « With Us »
  4. « Unending Love »
  5. « Alive In Us »
  6. « Narrow Road »
  7. « My Heart Is Overwhelmed »
  8. « Cry Of The Broken »
  9. « Awakening »
  10. « God in Everything »
  11. « You Are More »
  12. « The Lost Are Found »
  13. « God Is Able »
  14. « Go »
  15. « Yours Forever »

Album 2010  » a Beautiful Exchange »:

Album 2010: Hillsong Chapel Yahweh

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