Colour Women’s Conférence – Conférence des femmes (Londres/5-7 Mai 2011/Hillsong)

Hillsong Church runs a meeting for women entitled the Sisterhood. The service, hosted by Bobbie Houston, is for women of all ages. Hillsong Sisterhood runs on Thursdays at the Hills and City campuses. Hillsong Sisterhood initiated the annual Colour Your World Women’s Conference, which has become the Australian Christian Churches women’s conference and brings together women from many different denominations across the world….

Colour Your World Women’s Conference (also known as Colour Conference) is an annual Christian conference held in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Hillsong Church. The conference is hosted each year by Bobbie Houston, and also features prominent international guest speakers with worship led by Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Worship Team.


The annual Colour Conference is said to have been conceived of Bobbie Houston’s « vision to see a generation of women empowered ». The first conference was held in 1997. From the early 2000s, the conference was expanded to two conferences and then three conferences in 2005 and 2006 as the church buildings could not contain the growth. In 2007, the conference was held for the first time in the Acer Arena, where over 14,000 women gathered.

Colour Conference International

In 2006 Colour Your World Women’s Conference expanded internationally with the conference being held in both London and Kiev. In London the conference is hosted by Bobbie Houston as well as Cathy Clarke, who is a pastor at Hillsong London with her husband Gary Clarke, and in Kiev it is hosted by Bobbie Houston and Vera Kasevich, who is a pastor at Hillsong Kiev with her husband Yevgeny (Zhenya) Kasevich.

The Colour Sisterhood

The Colour Sisterhood (previously Foundation 31) is a foundation set up by Hillsong Church through Hillsongwomen, the women’s ministry of the church. The foundation was established in 2001 and with the stated aim to « give support and aid to the hurting people of the world ». At Colour Conference 2005, Houston launched the ‘Adopt a home’ project whose stated goal is for women to join together to raise funds and build homes for children in Uganda. Over 35 homes have been built to date.

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