Louange: « Hallelujah, no more tears… » de Cory Asbury (Kansas-Onething):

Cory Asbury :Hallelujah (album: Let me see your eyes):

Cory Asbury began leading worship at his church in North Carolina at the age of 17. Even as a kid, music has always had a profound impact on him, « I’d find a CD that I really loved, that really moved my heart and just sit in my room, silent and still and just listen. » He was originally planning to attend UNC Chapel Hill when the Lord redirected his path. Through a few friends who had just graduated the onething internship in Kansas City, he was encouraged to go and check it out for himself. « Thinking the internship was solely dedicated to raising up young worship leaders, I decided to come. I soon found that the Lord had tricked me into something much bigger than myself. » During this internship each intern was required to sit in the prayer room for long hours each day. After 6 months he « realized that this was what I was made for. To sit before Him and love Him. »

Cory says that his songs usually begin with a gentle nudge or whisper from the Holy Spirit that arises out of tenderness in quiet time with God. « Usually, the Holy Spirit will give me a melody or a chord progression and that’s where it all begins. From there, I continue to ask Him what He’s saying…I ask, ‘How can I express what I am feeling through music?' » His goal through his music is that hearts would fall more in love with Jesus, and that a deep longing to know and love Him more would be awakened, « That when people listen to my songs, they would find themselves in His presence. That people would know the delight of God over them and truly find enjoyment in spending time with Him. » Cory is married to Anna Asbury, a prophetic singer and dancer at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. He has dedicated his life to fasting, prayer and worship, for the raising up of houses of prayer all across the world.



I believe my eyes will see
Your kingdom come, Your glory will cover the earth
Jesus Christ, be glorified
All praise is due, for You are the King of the earth, Yeah – yeah

Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Hallelujah Hallelujah
Hallelujah Hallelujah
Hallelujah Hallelujah
Hallelujah Hallelujah

Chorus 2:
No more tears
No more pain
We will see You face to face


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