Eglises persécutées- Open Doors youth: « Coming for me »(2010):

Open Doors is a non-denominational Christian mission supporting what it perceives as persecuted Christian believers in more than 45 countries where they consider Christianity to be socially or legally discouraged or oppressed.[1] They are also engaged in the distribution of Bibles and literature, audio recordings, broadcasting and training.

Open Doors was founded in 1955 by Andrew van der Bijl, a Dutchman more widely known as Brother Andrew, when he decided to smuggle his own brand of bibles to Christians[3] he felt were being discriminated against in the then-Soviet Poland.

Brother Andrew continued this work in smuggling bibles to Christians in many of the Soviet countries and in 1957 was given a blue Volkswagen Beetle which he used to deliver to countries inside the Communist bloc.[4] With this new car he was able to carry more literature. The work of Open Doors was expanding through the extension of its network throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

In 1981, they delivered one million contraband Chinese bibles in one night to a beach in the village of Gezhou in China on a mission they named Project Pearl.[5] In 1988, Open Doors used Glasnost[6] as an opportunity to openly provide one million Russian Bibles to the Russian Orthodox Church, at a cost of $2.5 million.[7] Open Doors partnered with the United Bible Societies to complete the task in just over one year.[8]

In 2003, Christian Today reported that Open Doors have delivered 4 million Bibles and scriptural documents to persecuted Christians and trained 22,000 pastors and church leaders in that year.[9]

As of August, 2007, Open Doors had offices in 27 countries.[10] In 2008 Open Doors USA delivered 3.9 million pieces of literature such as Bibles and training materials to people in various countries and regions where religious persecution are said to occur. These including Central Asia, Vietnam, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt.

Musique: Coming for me: (Youth Group)

Music Video by The Frontline performing ‘Coming for Me’. Produced by Steven ‘G.P.’ Abramsamadu (C) 2010… We wanted to do something authentic, that we hope will represent the severe circumstances that Christians under persecution face on a daily basis. The video contains mulitple clips of true accounts of Christians suffering and living in fear. These strong images represent the countless victims who are assaulted, maimed and even martyred because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Open Doors alongside the artists sharing are lending their voices to the struggle with the hope to give a voice to the voiceless. We ask that you would do the same. For more information and to see what you can do for the Persecuted Church please visit:

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