Hillsong Conference 2010 (5-9 Juillet 2010-20 000 delegates /4 000 volunteers):

Hillsong Conference:

Hillsong Conference is an annual Christian conference held each July in Sydney, Australia, London, Europe, and Kiev, Ukraine and hosted by Hillsong Church. It features prominent Christian pastors, leaders, businesspeople and motivational speakers as well as worship artists like singers, musicians, bands and church-groups and draws delegates from all around the world. It is the largest annual conference in Australia. The conference is hosted by Hillsong Church and Senior Pastor’s Brian and Bobbie Houston with worship led by Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Worship Team Australia including Reuben Morgan and Hillsong United.

Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston says, « The vision and heartbeat has never changed. The Conference exists to ‘champion the cause of the local church’ and make [God’s] name known around the earth ». Wikipedia


1986–1994: The early years

The first Hillsong Conference was held in 1986 in Baulkham Hills, with a humble 150 delegates in attendance.[1] The conference was initiated by Geoff Bullock and Mark Zschech, and was originally worship and creative arts focused. Brian Houston began running a leadership stream that was added to the conference program in the early years. By 1990, the conference grew to over 500 delegates and expanded to several venues across the Hills district of Sydney. In the early 1990s, night rallies were held in the Hills Centre where Hillsong Church was holding services. By 1994, the conference had expanded to over 1,000 delegates.

1995–2000: Rapid growth

From 1995, night rallies were held at the State Sports Centre in Sydney Olympic Park, to accommodate the large growth in numbers. The amount of international delegates grew significantly at this time due to the influence of Hillsong albums and teaching around the world. To accommodate the large growth, two identical conferences were held in 1999 and 2000 across two weeks. By 2000, the conference had grown to 10,000 delegates.

2001–2010: Sydney Olympic Park

Hillsong Conference was first held in the Acer Arena (formerly Sydney SuperDome) and various venues throughout Sydney Olympic Park from 2001. To date, Hillsong Conference 2006 was the largest conference with 30,000 delegates.

2011: Sydney Entertainment Centre & Darling Harbour (25th Anniversary Celebrations)


Teaser 2010: Le thème de 2010:  » An Unshakable Kingdom ».


Louanges Live:


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