Evangélisation: « Lifehouse’s Everything Skit » (Sketch à 18 000 000 vues sur YouTube-2007)

‘Lifehouse Everything Skit’ Draws Millions

Article de Décembre 2008 : CBN News.…Multi-tiered movie theaters and box office ads weren’t needed to promote and draw more than 6 million (en Décembre 2008)  views of a five-minute skit on GodTube and YouTube. It’s the second-most viewed video on GodTube, having nearly seven times more looks than its third-place competitor.

The « Lifehouse Everything Skit, » performed by Mission Baltimore with music by Lifehouse, has deeply moved the hearts and souls of America, and the only « hook » pulling people toward it is a yearning to draw closer to a forgiving and embracing Savior.

Gripping the Heart of America

Many are calling the « Lifehouse Everything Skit » a phenomena, but it is so much more than that, as more and more continue to fall in love with Jesus or revive their relationship with Him after watching it.

The skit was originally performed at the 2006 Smoky Mountain Winterfest in Knoxville, Tenn. It packed 30,000 into the Tennessee Volunteers’ Thompson-Boling arena each night, and has deeply impacted God’s Kingdom ever since.

Numerous testimonies of people receiving Christ have been reported to Winterfest staff through e-mails and GodTube postings, providing eternal blessings far greater than most had ever anticipated.

« This video blesses me every time I watch it, » commented one viewer. « It kind of puts into perspective just what Jesus does. No matter how far we go away from Him, he’s always trying to pull us back to him. Then, when we decide to come back, he’s there to take us back, no matter what the cost. »

The drama kept another viewer from losing her faith.

« I was doubting my faith, and for me that is a big deal, » she said. « I was doubting if God really exists, and why does he allow things to happen. I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life and turn my back on Jesus and become Buddhist… A friend of mine showed me this video. I cried then and I still cry every time I watch this video. I have no more doubts about Jesus. Praise the Lord Saints! »

The huge response to the skit has driven youth leaders from across the nation to request the video and use it to teach their own drama teams.

The Message and Passion behind « Everything »

The drama focuses on the spiritual warfare being fought for our souls.

« I love watching this video, » said one GodTube viewer. « This put me at peace because I have been there and see that God is there looking over me. I just wanted to let everyone know that I almost committed suicide. Thank you so much for the reality that this skit showed me and for its impact on me… It pointed me back to God. »


En Août 2010, le sketch dépasse les 14 000 000 de visions sur Youtube:

Le sketch à 14 000 000 de vues (Août 2010)/Youtube):

La musique (13 000 000 visions):

D’autres versions du sketch:

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