Angleterre: « Jesus champion of the World » (Wembley ’97-50 000 personnes)

Champion of the World’ is the now historic, praise, prayer and worship event that was held at Wembley Football Stadium London England in June 1997 (50,000 people). It was the last ever Christian event to be held at the old Wembley with the unique 4 sided stage interchanging bands in the centre of the pitch, (this ‘all round’ stage concept is now being taken to another level by U2 on their current ‘No LIne on the Horizon 360 degree tour.

‘Champion of the World’ features UK worship leader Noel Richards, Matt Redman, Chris Falson and others, including the now famous band Delirious. All who participated were friends. It set the benchmark for all day Christian stadium events in the future that incorporated prayer, intercession, and music, and inspired many events, gatherings and calls around the world. Noel also pioneered a similar event in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin Germany in July 2006 .

The journey to this event took many years from inception. It became a significant forerunner of the great gatherings that will happen in Stadium venues and large open arenas in the last days before Christs return to earth.

The days leading up to this great day were fraught with the worst rain London had up to that time. It would have deterred anybody, but Noel Richards, Gerald Coates and the team pressed on in faith with much encouragement that they were in the heart and will of God. Preparation parts 1&2 shows the extent of the lashing rain but men and women adhering to the vision pressing on building the stage set.

On the day of the event the rain stopped! In fact at some intervals in that afternoon it was raining north, south, east and west of Wembley, but not over the Stadium, which was unheard of. Only God in heaven could have orchestrated such a thing. Stadiums were not just built for sport and rock concerts, but for the great worship of a great God in heaven who will see all the nations come to worship Him (Revelation 15:4).

Prophet Musician Stephen Bennett of Awesome City Music produced and directed the 1hr 40 mins full length feature for Kingsway music UK, being a part of the prophetic journey of the unfolding of this vision, and working closely with Noel Richards and a large team of people.

See this youtube channel for further clips of the event on awesomecitytv.

See to buy the historic DVD.

Noel Richards:


Matt Redman:

Noel Richards:

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