Embrase nos coeurs 2010: Georgian and Winnie Banov (Bulgarie).

Onction de Joie à Belleville:

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que vendredi 25 juin, nous organisons une grande soirée de louanges. Ce moment exceptionnel durant lequel vous pourrez participer à l’enregistrement en direct du Live Embrase nos Coeurs, sera véritablement placé sous le signe de la joie, de la danse et de l’adoration.

Cette soirée sera menée par GEORGIAN BANOV, dont l’onction de fête est bien connue, notamment des populations les plus pauvres d’Europe de l’Est.

Ne manquez pas ce rendez-vous unique, centré sur l’essentiel: nous tourner vers le Christ, fixer les yeux sur Lui et lui exprimer tout notre amour et notre reconnaissance pour Ses Merveilles.

Né en Bulgarie à l’époque du rideau de fer communiste, Georgian Banov a vécu une conversion radicale en 1974, peu après son arrivée aux Etats-Unis. Marié avec Winnie, il parcourt le monde avec un but unique : faire connaître l’amour de Dieu qui a transformé leur vie. Depuis 2001, le Seigneur leur a mis à cœur de centrer leur vision sur les pauvres du Tiers-Monde, et les Banov exercent plus particulièrement leur vocation auprès des laissés pour comptes et des exclus, notamment les gitans de l’Europe de l’Est ou encore les populations défavorisées de l’Amérique Centrale.

Georgian and Winnie have been ordained ministers, serving as missionary evangelists for over 25 years – since 1979. They have traveled worldwide doing meetings from churches to stadium-size crusades in the United States, Africa, East and West Europe, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2001, the Lord has increased their ministry’s focus and attention towards the poorest of the poor throughout the third world. So far, they’ve targeted South East Africa hardest hit by famine, the rejected Gypsies of Eastern Europe, and the impoverished of Central America. All of their crusades include Jesus Celebrations and Love Feasts, where they feed the local people their favorite food. Although the sounds, flavors and spices of these international crusades vary from nation to nation, the River of God’s extravagant love is always the same – deep, passionate, all consuming and irresistible. The Banovs are excited to be alive at a time where the church will see the Lord’s largest harvest in history!

They have been annual Conference speakers at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship for the last seven years. Recently, they conducted nine months of meetings in St. Petersburg, Florida in a Church of God, where revival broke out in October 1999.

Church Network

Georgian and his wife Winnie have a major influence in a fellowship of 35 churches in his native Bulgaria, many of whom are Gypsies. Twice a year they host a River Retreat, providing refreshing and encouragement to Pastors and their spouses. Plans are already on the way to train and send Turkish-speaking Christian Gypsies as missionaries to plant churches in neighboring Muslim Turkey.

Bulgarian Bible Translation

After the fall of Communism, Georgian responded to the lack of Bibles in Bulgaria by organizing the printing of the first official shipment of 40,000 New Testaments in the Bulgarian language; followed by another container of 30,000 complete Bibles. For the past seven years, Georgian & Winnie have been spearheading the fundraising of a unique project of refreshing of the Bulgarian Bible as well as creating a complete dictionary with numbers identical to the Strong’s Concordance. The goal is to produce a Greek -Bulgarian Linear New Testament and other vitally needed Bible study literature and software for the education and equipping of the new Christian generation in Bulgaria.


On the benevolent front, their ministry Global Celebration has always been involved with helping the orphans and the poor in the Third world, as well as other former Communist countries. Working along concerned individual and humanitarian Christian organizations like CBN’s Operation Blessing they have been instrumental in helping the needy in different crises in Bulgaria. They love to organize some sort of hot meals during their Gospel crusades. During their last visit in Mozambique, they had planned to feed 1200 orphans with a fried chicken dinner. 2300 people showed up for the dinner and the Lord multiplied the chicken. Every person was fed, all the way down to the last person.


Vidéos: à travers le monde:

vidéo de louange à San José: (qu’on ne peut pas intégrer sur le site): ici…


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