Matt Gilman: Holy (2008).

Matt Gilman

Matt Gilman has been leading worship since he was fourteen years old, having grown up in ministry with his father, a Lutheran pastor. In 2002, when Matt was a senior in high school, he arrived at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC) thinking he was just attending a conference about music, his favorite subject. “As soon as I walked into the building I knew this was different. It was not at all what I was expecting. God began to shake me to the core as He opened up a whole new understanding of worship with the Word of God. I knew right away this is what I was made for,” Matt explains, “Something was awakened in my spirit and I knew I had to have more.”

He returned to join the onething™ Internship, a six-month program for single young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, which is designed to be a season of consecration unto the Lord. Matt says the internship, which included up to 24 hours a week in the prayer room, was like a new world opening up to him, « the Lord would meet me there. I was searching out the heart of God and giving myself to concentration…

Matt is motivated by a desire to see people grasp the reality of who God is, and believes this is crucial in order for them to continue in the faith. « It’s imperative that this generation become fascinated by God. I want my music to provoke my generation to be fascinated by God. I want them to know His beauty. « 


you have been leading worship since the age of fourteen. How did you adjust to such responsibility while others your age we’re off doing other things?

Matt Gilman : I started leading worship in a small Lutheran church in South Dakota at the age of 14. The party scene never interested me. The place where I found the most pleasure and the most enjoyment was before the throne of God. I remember on the weekends that while my high school buddies were out doing other stuff, I found myself alone at the church just singing my heart to the Lord. I felt like David…all alone out on the hillside with his harp singing to the Lord while tending to the flocks. So, leading worship didn’t seem like a burden or a responsibility to me at all. But rather, what I did for 20-30 minutes on Sunday morning was just an overflow of my heart. That was where I found my joy and my identity…before the throne.

It is a popular assumption that worship only takes place in a song on a stage. Please share how each of you would describe worship outside of just the Sunday morning perception of it all.

Matt Gilman : Worship is so much more than platform ministry. In fact, that is a very small percentage of what worship really is. Living my life in a way of humility and obedience is in itself worship to God. Sitting alone in my room at home with my Bible in hand and meditating on the scriptures is worship to God. Getting up and doing my mundane schedule in the prayer room, even when I don’t feel like doing it, is worship to God. If worship was only singing on a platform, I would find myself empty and dry and burnt out. But what the Lord really wants from us is time in the secret place. Time when we go into our rooms and shut the door behind us and we sit for an hour or two and just talk with him. That’s true worship. And that’s what He wants from us.

What is you approach to songwriting? Is there a special place you like to go to just think or a method that you tend to follow?

Matt Gilman : I have found that there really is no scientific method to songwriting. I do believe that it’s important to have those designated times to sit at the keyboard with my bible and sing the scriptures to the Lord and see what comes out of it. Sometimes a song will come and sometimes it won’t. But, even so, I spent that time singing to Word of God back to Him. There are times on stage when I’ll be leading that a new phrase or melody will come to me and I’ll start singing it and that will be the beginnings of a new song. There are also times that the Lord will give me dreams where I’ll hear new sounds or new melodies and I’ll wake up singing them. I guess the most important thing to remember in songwriting is to always keep your ears inclined to the sounds of Heaven. Ask the Lord for new songs and be ready to listen to them when He releases them to you.

Holy: Matt Gilman

Holy: (version longue 17 minutes)

Holy: version cd:

Holy autre version One thing conference:

Version Kim Walker (album Consumed): avec sous titres…

Mission à Paris : Holy par JEM.

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