« Light up the World »: (Desperation Band-2009)

Desperation Band 2009 : « LIGHT UP THE WORLD  » ( projet de constructions d’orphelinats en Ouganda)

« Desperation Band, birthed out of the student ministries of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, is a recording artist with Integrity Music. They continue to lead worship both within the student ministries and in the main services at New Life Church, as well as at the annual Desperation Conferences.

Led by Jon Egan, the band has always been more of a ministry than a band. They believe that true change comes when people lay aside their agendas to encounter the true and living God. They are passionate about the presence of God and they don’t hide it. They are well aware that music will never impact souls…only the power of God. They don’t perform or entertain. They want to join with real people to worship a real God. The Desperation Band exists to advance His Kingdom and to pray as Jesus told us… « your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. » »

Jon says of the group, « The Desperation Band has always been and always will be about the presence of God. We exist to bring Him glory and reveal His truth to a broken world. If we know who He is, we know who we are. If we know who we are, we can live as God meant us to live. Its all about His purposes. »

«  »After four critically-acclaimed live albums, including their recent Everyone Overcome, the Desperation Band, returns with Light Up The World. This, their first studio release, is a project inspired by deep prayer and « Heartwork« , a student-driven ministry at their church which is helping to build orphan homes in Africa.

« This project is prayer and intimacy colliding with compassion and purpose. I think so often believers are waiting on a move of God when God is waiting on a move of man. We are realizing now more then ever that God’s love and power is inside us. We have what we need to turn this planet upside down. We just need to act! »

Egan, who is also one of New Life’s Worship Pastors, penned most of the songs for the new project including the title track, « Light Up The World, » which was inspired by the first youth offering and the songs « Be The Change », « Joy Will Come » and « Burning Tree, » which he co-wrote with Hillsong Music’s Mia Fieldes. The result is an album of high-energy, passionate new worship songs that convey a deep and defining hunger for God. » »

Interview du chanteur du groupe:

I was recently in Uganda with a couple of the guys from the band, and I actually got to visit one of the orphan homes that we raised money to build. I got to play with the kids who have already moved in, and I got to see with my own eyes the lives and destinies rescued for the kingdom of God. These kids have no parents, but now they’re safe in a community with other kids. It’s just so overwhelming!

The album, Light Up the World, is completely consumed with this idea. It’s also meant to raise awareness of what a group of kids in Colorado Springs decided to do. We want to get the word out and get everybody involved in this. We want to get other youth groups involved in this. We want people to join with us to build more orphan homes.

That’s incredible! What other messages does the band hope to convey with this album?

« Light Up the World » is the theme and the title track. The song is about believing for more because Mark 9:23 says, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” We’re excited about this album, because we feel that it’s a little bolder than what we’ve released in the past. It’s very intentional about the power of God, the power of prayer, and action. The song “Light Up the World” is about our eyes seeing the glory of God when we see marriages being fought for, fathers and children uniting, the signs and wonders following burning hearts, and the power of heaven coming down. When we start to believe for these things, we begin to see the glory of God. That’s the main message of the project. We are the light God has put on this earth. He chose to partner with us to be His hands and feet. Through this album we’re basically saying, “We’ll do it! You are worthy. You are an amazing God, and we accept the call!” We’ve been praying for a move of God on the earth. We’re starting to see that God’s answer is us, so we’re going for it. That’s why we’re telling our story of how a group of young people has changed the lives of orphans across the world. This is the gospel. This is the kingdom coming down.




I’m gonna believe
That we will see the kingdom come to earth
I’m gonna believe
That signs and wonders follow hearts that burn
I’m gonna believe
That sickness and inpoverty will cease
I’m gonna believe
The power from the Heavens will release

Oh let your kingdom come on earth
And let your will be done

Yeah Light up the world with Your love
Rain down on our hearts like a flood
Our eyes will see the glory of God
Our eyes will see

I’m gonna believe
That fathers and their children will unite
I’m gonna believe
That marriage will not end without a fight
I’m gonna believe
That churches will become your hands and feet
I’m gonna believe
That acts of love and kindness will increase

As you light up
As you light up the world

Send your glory Send your glory

Yeah Light up the world with Your love
Rain down on our hearts like a flood
Our eyes will see the glory of God
Our eyes will see the glory of God

Light up the world vidéos:

Making of du titre Light up the world:

autres titres du cd:

Joy will come (A video created to inspire those who are in a spiritual desert, feeling far away from God.)

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