Preview 3: Hillsong United (J. Houston): …

Pour rester dans l’actualité du prochain concert de Hillsong United à Paris (le 1er Juin 2010).

Voici quelques infos pour présenter le groupe (ainsi que  son engagement pour la « Justice »).

1) Le leader du groupe (cf photo plus haut)

Joel Timothy Houston (born 18 September 1979) is a musician and songwriter, best known as leader of Sydney (Australia)based worship band Hillsong United the youth worship band of Hillsong Church.

In 2008 he became the Creative Director at Hillsong Church. He is the oldest son of the church’s senior pastors and founders Brian and Bobbie Houston.

Early life

Houston began playing piano at a young age, at the suggestion of his parents. As he was not interested in piano, he soon diverted his efforts to playing guitar instead.[2]

2) Hillsong United and Hillsong

Houston’s first debut with the Hillsong United as a vocalist was in 2002, however he had been playing bass guitar with the band for several years prior to this, and contributing various songs, including the title track from the group’s debut full length live album, Everyday. As part of Hillsong United music team, Joel Houston has helped lead worship conferences in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. He has also contributed to the main Hillsong album recordings as well, which are led by worship pastor Darlene Zschech. Many of the songs he has written or co-written are sung in churches worldwide and have been translated into 32 languages, including Korean and German. His music has been featured on Hillsong albums that have quickly risen on both the Australian and American Christian music charts.In March 2007, Hillsong United’s eighth album All of the Above debuted at #6 on the ARIA charts. His song, « Everyday », is ranked number 49 on the CCLI top 100 songs. Houston currently serves as Creative Director at Hillsong Church.

3) Projets: 2008: The I heart Revolution project:

Hillsong United never set out to make films or build an online community, but responded to the inspiration that they experienced when touring the world. As the band saw extreme poverty first hand and the injustices associated with it, they questioned “if the worship within the four walls of a Church is having no affect on the streets travelled to get there, then maybe we’re (as Christians) missing the point.” I-HEART is the response to this question and has since evolved into a social justice movement.

In 2008, Hillsong United released ‘With Hearts as One,’ a double CD and DVD. Shown in 200 cinemas across Canada alone, it’s aim was to capture the heartfelt singing at Hillsong United Events around the world to illustrate the global unity Christians have when worshiping. Hillsong United’s recordings are intended to, as Joel Houston, the Creative Director of Hillsong Church explains, “stir up a generation both locally and globally to live lives that are sold out for God and His Cause – lives that are committed to being His hands and feet on the planet, and to bringing justice to the hurting and the broken.”

In 2009, Hillsong United went on to launch ‘We’re All in This Together,’ the second part of I-HEART. It is a feature-length film that examines the inseparable union of worship and justice. Using real stories and animation, the film inspires and challenges people to think creatively about helping people, and then to act, contributing to the global I-HEART movement of people helping people.

To further facilitate this action, an online community has been created as interactive space for collaboration. Part three of I-HEART; puts legs on the inspiration of the film, as a united force of recognizing need, sharing ideas and working together to do something to help people. As Joel Houston explains, “Imagine a global online community where at any moment you can see what other like-minded people all around the world are doing locally to make a difference. It’s about being the change.. Locally, and together having global effect..” Individuals have the opportunity to learn about global issues through the I-HEART 20 CAUSES, inspire others, be inspired themselves and collaborate around social justice issues on a global level. Organizations can similarly build an interactive profile of their own, attracting and building support. Collectively, the website is a new space for purposed based dialogue, working together; to help more people; help more people.

4) Joel Houston de Hillsong United parle de I heart Revolution + vidéos:


5) Le Cd de louanges : The I heart Revolution: (existe aussi en dvd)

Solution: ( 2 000 000 vues sur YouTube)

All I need is you:

Love enough:

From the inside out:

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