Healing 4 Haiti (M W. Smith/Mars 2010):

Christian artists come together for compilation album to benefit Haiti earthquake relief projects.

A l’image du projet Compassion Art, voici une autre belle initiative initiative …

«  »More than a dozen award-winning artists are combining their musical talents to help make sure desperately needed relief supplies continue flowing into Haiti, where the struggle for survival continues for hundreds of thousands of earthquake victims.

“What I saw while in Haiti is something we must keep in front of the minds and hearts of Americans,” said GRAMMY Award-winning artist Michael W. Smith, who recently spent a day touring Samaritan’s Purse relief work. “The recovery efforts are going to take a long, long time so we want to do anything we can to raise awareness and to continue to support organizations doing good work in Haiti. »

«  »Healing 4 Haiti, a compilation of 15 songs, will be released by Integrity Music on iTunes Tuesday, March 2. Net proceeds will support Samaritan’s Purse relief efforts in Haiti, including clean water, shelter, medical care, and other critical aid. It will also support the work of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Rapid Response Team, whose chaplains are providing emotional and spiritual comfort to survivors.

“Every artist and every individual who can use their talent and ability to shed light on those in need, when it’s all added together, it makes a huge difference,” said Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “My prayer is that God will use Healing 4 Haiti to touch the hearts of this nation to give generously to the suffering people of Haiti.” » »

The benefit compilation includes music from:

Flyleaf (Break Your Knees)
Michael W. Smith (Come Together Now featuring 100 artists) NEW
Jared Anderson (Carry Me) NEW
Israel Houghton (The Power of One (Change the World))
Mary Mary (I Worship You)
DecembeRadio (Love Can)
Hawk Nelson (Shaken)
The Afters (Falling Into Place)
Canton Jones (Hello Sunshine)
Lecrae (Beautiful Feet featuring Dawntoya)
Kari Jobe (Healer)
Carlos Whittaker (God of Second Chances)
Lincoln Brewster (Everlasting God)


La fondation « Billy Graham »:


Come together: interview M W Smith:

Come together now (Auteur M W.Smith):

Quelques titres qui peuvent être téléchargés ici:

Kari Jobe: Healer:

Israel Houghton: The Power of one:

La fondation Billy Graham à Haiti:


M w Smith interview: 4 Mai 2010

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