Preview: Hillsong United à Paris le 1er Juin 2010 (Salle Alhambra).

La nouvelle est tombée ce week-end, le célèbre groupe de jeunes artistes Hillsong United sera en France le 1er juin prochain à Paris!

Ils se produiront dans la Capitale française, plus exactement au théâtre de l’ Halambra (Xe Arr.) à 19h00:

Hillsong United:

The Hillsong United band is an Australian praise and worship band, a part of Hillsong Church‘s youth ministry Hillsong United. Their music is a contemporary style of praise and worship tempered with mainstream rock.

Réservation disponible sur le site de la Fnac (23 euros):

Site de Hillsong France:

Infos du site de Hillsong United:

«  »There’s a generation across the earth who are being awakened to real love and who are starting to walk in it. Rising up with hearts as one; our value nailed to a cross that we would find value in the broken and the hurting and the lost. Hillsong United seeks to give voice to this generation. Birthed and anchored in the youth movement of Hillsong church, UNITED is about seeing a generation encounter God in a way that changes us from the inside out; so that together we can change our world.

“One of the strengths of our Church is the way the youth are embraced and encouraged to be a part of all that is happening,” says Joel Houston, the Creative Director of Hillsong Church. “It’s what makes United distinctive. We’re not just a band. The very nature of who we are and what we do is inclusive. It’s a discipling model. Everything we (the current band) do is because someone gave us an opportunity.”


With songwriters as well as worship leaders: Joel Houston, Jad Gillies & JD at the forefront. “We’re just getting started,” says Joel. “There are a lot of people who need to know Jesus. If our worship is just great youth meetings, nice songs, lots of jumping around and a few CDs, then we’re missing it. Our vertical expression must have a horizontal effect. So, we’ll continue to worship, praise and honor God with heart, soul, mind and strength the best we know how, but the fruit of that must be a generation who are totally committed to reaching the lost and helping those who need help, locally and globally.”

Voici quelques vidéos de louanges de Hillsong United.

J’ai découpé chaque titre en 2 vidéos, la première est une version Live amateur et la seconde est tirée des DVD commerciaux (avec sous titres).

Hillsong United : All i need is you:

With Everything:

The stand:

Salvation is here:

From the inside Out:

Shout unto god:

You hold me now:


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2 réflexions sur “Preview: Hillsong United à Paris le 1er Juin 2010 (Salle Alhambra).

  1. fabrice

    J’ai commandé mon billet…

  2. Jun

    j’ai acheté mon billet des que j’ai su que Hillsong Uniited allait venir, franchement j’espère que ce concert sera l’élément déclencheur du réveil en France car on n’en n’a grand besoin.

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