War Praise by Hillsong United : I heart revolution (project)

l_6d34f5fcd354ad7e378b359f0aa14d042The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One is the ninth album by Hillsong United and the first of the three-part « I Heart Revolution » project. With Hearts as One was recorded around the world across the span of two years, and contains thirty songs. The album was released in Australia on 8 March 2008, and internationally on various later dates. The album was initially released in both physical and digital formats, along with a USB release. A companion DVD will be released in September 2008.

The second part, The I Heart Revolution: We’re All in This Together, is a feature film documentary set for release in March 2009.


In 2006, Hillsong United’s key songwriter and worship pastor Joel Houston proposed a three-part series of releases under the banner of « I Heart Revolution », stating it’s not about loving revolution, but simply about the revolution of the use of the term « I heart…« . The first of these was initially to be the eighth album (and first studio album) by Hillsong United. That album was simply released with the title All of the Above. The second of these to be part of the series was to be an extended play release compiled of performances by Hillsong United’s under 21-year-old members. This ended up being released without the I Heart Revolution title also, only under the title In a Valley by the Sea. Finally, having recorded every performance by themselves for the prior two years, Hillsong United decided to release a compilation album comprising the best performances of the best of the whole era of Hillsong United, while including two new songs, « You’ll Come », written and performed by Brooke Fraser, and « Love Enough », written by Braden Lang & Scott Ligertwood and performed by Jonathon Douglass, who had previously sung the song for the Under 21 EP, but not for a « full » Hillsong United album. Both of these new songs were performed in Sydney, while all other songs included were from throughout the world. As the album was recorded throughout the world, the cover art also features notable landmarks from throughout the world, including O Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), which appears two times on the cover, including at the centre of the heart. Others featured include the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Colloseum, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and various pictures of people from throughout the world.[1]

Perso.. je suis fan de ce projet et de ce dvd… c’est un truc de Ouf…Onction et Action…

Des  louanges pour les guerriers (suite et fin de The i heart revolution en dvd de Hillsong United)

Tell the world:

what the world will never take :

take it all:

Solution :


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