Artiste : Brooke Fraser (Hillsong)

Aujourd’hui, on part à la découverte de l’interprète de la louange la plus vue sur You Tube : (HosannaHillsong United).

son site perso:

Brooke Gabrielle Fraser (born 15 December 1983 in Wellington, New Zealand) is an award-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter. She is also one of the principal worship leaders of the Christian worship band Hillsong United and, more recently, Hillsong.

In 2005, prior to writing and preparing her follow-up album, Fraser took a trip to Africa to immerse herself in Rwanda before visiting her sponsor children in Tanzania, as she is an advocate for child sponsorship. In this trip, she was so moved that she wrote the song « Albertine » about a young child (named Albertine), whom she met while in Rwanda.

On 4 December 2006 Albertine was released in New Zealand, achieving double platinum status less than a month after its release and has remained, to date, in the top 20 every week since.

Personal life

After the success of her first album, Fraser moved to Sydney, where she has lived for four years. She commutes to the U.S. for touring. Fraser attends Hillsong Church; she is a worship leader and collaborator on the Hillsong United series of worship albums.[6] She is a Christian, and much of her lyrical content indicates this, as well as her continued participation in Christian and church events.

Charity Work

Fraser has been a World Vision Artist Associate since 2001. She has visited Cambodia and Tanzania with World Vision, the Philippines with Opportunity International and independently traveled to Rwanda in June 2005, in June 2006 as part of charity event « Hope Rwanda », and in May 2007 when she filmed the music video for the song « Albertine ». In 2006 she, along with Petra Bagust and Tau from Spacifix, appeared advertising the World Vision 40 Hour Famine; an event which raises funds for children in third world countries. She also sponsors a number of children through World Vision.

brooke 2

New: his glory….

None but Jesus:

desert song


Nothing but the Blood.

Lord of Lords

you’ll come

How great:

I will exalt You : (album: Hoillsong: faith+hope+love)

Turn your eyes upon Jesus:


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2 réflexions sur “Artiste : Brooke Fraser (Hillsong)

  1. Salut à tous !
    Perso, j’aime bien Brooke Fraser. Je vous recommande aussi d’écouter le témoignage de Jill Mc Cloghry qui chante et conduit avec elle « desert song » sur le DVD « This is our God »
    particulièrement touchant.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse tous abondamment !

  2. Mohebe

    je vous apprécie beaucoup, je passe des bons moments d’adoration avec vos chants et j’en suis bénis.
    Que Dieu continue à vous bénir et vous inspirer.

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