Album :The I heart revolution on dvd is here… Part 1


Voici quelques vidéos de ce concert de louanges de presque 2 heures, qui est une sorte de best of du groupe.

Pour résumer, c’est une tournée de 2 ans autour du monde (dans 42 pays et 93 villes) qui est synthétisé sur le dvd.

C’est du lourd  et c’est assez under ground.

«  »From rwanda to capetown, buenos aires to mexico city, los angeles to toronto, london to budapest.. shanghai to sydney.. We’ve recorded almost every united worship service for the last 2 years.. Bottled just some of the moments and put them together for all who’d choose to hear.. The end result is the sound of a generation across the earth singing praise and worship to our God.. The sound of the nations joining as one in the same song.. » »

« We’ve recorded a double album worth of songs old and new, and I have to say, it’s all about the people and the passion of their worship toward God.. It’s very live… A little rugged in places, but that’s the beauty of it – it’s not about « united » or even the songs.. It’s about the heart cry of a generation consumed with their Maker.. There’s something special about unity.. Music has the ability to cross borders and break down walls, and when it’s purpose is putting voice to our reason for being alive, something powerful happens.. You realise you’re a part of something that is happening all over the world; Something much bigger.. Personally I’ve been so encouraged in my faith just seeing and hearing the global Church declare the praises of God with hearts as one.. No doubt you will be too. » »

The time has come:

all i need is you:

fuego de dios et shout unto god.

look to you:


Love enough:


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